Pre PPC Mac Software, Original Disks, $1/disk

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I have the following Pre-PPC Mac software for sale on 3.5" floppy disks. These are all original publisher issue disks, and they are all in reasonably good-to-excellent shape (the exception is the three MacPlus disks which have ballpoint pen markings of three numbers each on the edge (e.g. "471")).

The number in front of the software title indicates how many disks in a set. I don't break up the sets. These will cost you the princely sum of $1/disk, which includes shipping within the USA. For outside the USA, I still want $1/disk, +$5 for my time for customs paperwork & handling, + the actual shipping cost (your choice of shipping method). These items are available for one week (end date 2014.11.28). Send a private message for purchase inquiries.

(Apple Brand Titles)

SOLD! 3 (Apple software that came with the MacPlus) Software Sampler (MacDraw, MacWrite, MacProject, MacPaint), Macintosh Plus:A Guided Tour, Macintosh Plus:System Tools

1 Macintosh QuickTime v1.6.1 (1993)

3 Apple Remote Access Personal Server for Macintosh v2.0.1 (1994)

4 The Apple Student Resource Set (1994)

(Non Apple Brand Titles)

14 Frame Maker (release 5, 1995)

1 Adobe Type Manager (1994)

3 Limited Edition Adobe Photoshop, v2.5 (1993)

7 Adobe Illustrator v5.5 (1994)

7 Adobe Illustrator v6.0 (1995)

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Re: Pre PPC Mac Software, Original Disks, $1/disk

Are any left? Or all they all gone now?


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Re: Pre PPC Mac Software, Original Disks, $1/disk

Yes, I still have most of these.