Quadra 800 vs 950

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Here is my deal Smile

An 800 or a 950?

My main concern is the power supply ratings.

I want to config as such:
-SCSI to SD card storage
-2x radius rockets (33mhz)
-SuperMac thunder 24

The 800 would cost me less (I have the ram to max it out and 30-pins for the 950 would be a good chunk considering I need to outfit the rockets as well) and most come with cd-roms installed. It would seem the only thing rarer than an 800's cd bezel is a 950's?

If i remember correctly the quadra 800 has a 200w PS and the 950 a 300w.

Do you folks think an 800's power supply could deal with 3xNUBUS and an sd bridge considering 2 of the NUBUS cards would be rockets?

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Re: Quadra 800 vs 950

Don't you suppose that SD card power consumption is very low because it has no motors, and a standard hard drive has at least two motors?


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Re: Quadra 800 vs 950

Yes, I do suppose just that... However, I would like to outfit the machine with 2x33mhx Radius Rockets. Given the nature of the Rocket (Being basically an 040 Mac on a board), and the fact I have seen some online material suggesting they have quite the current draw, I'm a bit leary about a Quadra 800's 200w PS, vs. a 950's 300w PS.

Also wondered if maybe the Quadra 800 might be able to make use of a 8100/9500 ps? (Perhaps rated even higher?)