A question for Wendell Sander about your Apple 1 Preipheral Boards

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Hi Wendell,

I am interested in having a few of your boards produced. Mainly the expansion and serial boards. I typically use OSHpark to create boards. When I upload your gerber files they are not accepted because of standard naming. I renamed the layers changing the extension names, but the board outline file is missing.

Question... What software did you use to generate the gerbers? That may help me understand what I need to do to get the filenames to match what my board maker is expecting.

Thank you!


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Re: A question for Wendell Sander about your Apple 1 ...

The files were generated in MacCad (probably not the best choice) and boards made by Sierra ProtoExpress (Expensive in small quantity). The outline is on the Bottom Solder mask per Sierra. I have extra boards, if you want to buy some PM me. It should be pretty easy to generate an independent outline layer.