Quickshot Joystick with internal connector

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I've just received a Quickshot X for my IIe which has the (very crude) 16pin DIL plug for the internal connector, and I am struggling to get it to work. I have trawled the net and every pdf I have but cannot find out which way round it should plug in. I tried the obvious(?) way with the cable out to the rear with no luck, then turned it round, still with no joy.

Am I missing somthing here?

Just for the record I tried using it with Galaxian.

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Quickshot Joystick with internal connector

I would think wire coming out the back would be the right way.

Copied off the web to check out joystick.

For checking and adjusting stick performance on your Apple II, use a program which continuously reads and displays X and Y stick values. The program below does this and displays "B0" when Button 0 is pushed and "B1" when Button 1 is pushed. Do a CTRL-C to exit.

20 PRINT "X= "; PDL(0); TAB(15); "Y= ";PDL(1); TAB(30);
30 IF PEEK(49249)>127 THEN PRINT " B0";
40 IF PEEK(49250)>127 THEN PRINT " B1";

Note: If your Apple II uses an accelerator chip or board, make sure that it "slows down" for joystick accesses or just set Speed to "Normal" (1MHz).

Most likely, after X and Y centering is set (around 128) you will find that the a stick tops-out too early in the X-max and/or Y-max direction. For best control precision, what you want is for extreme values to occur near the extremes of stick movement:

X (horizontal) Left= 0 Right= 255
Y (vertical) Up= 0 Down= 255

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Re: Quickshot Joystick with internal connector

Good stuff Twilight,

At least I know that the Joystick is working ok, must be somthing in the software.

Bya the way, does software recognize the rear DB9 port differently or are they both seen as the same?



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Re: Quickshot Joystick with internal connector

Hello Richard,

The two connectors are the same. It's just a matter of presentation.



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