RamCharger for RamFactor

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I've got a RamFactor card, but what I've found is that it isn't particularly useful. However, if I had a RamCharger to keep the memory backed up, it would be very useful. However they are very hard to come by.

Does anyone know how they work, and if a wall-wart today could replace the RamCharger. The only info I can find is that it uses an 8V gel battery. However I know no clue as to what it actually puts out.

Can anyone help me out?

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Re: RamCharger for RamFactor

As far as I know there was an external battery with a connector that kept the data. Was big and hard to set. Fortunately there's a new modern clone that has all that functionality plus lots of capacity: 8MB.

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Re: RamCharger for RamFactor

grimakis wrote:

Can anyone help me out?

I have one such device. I could send it to you. (i would remove the Battery to save weight though)
The price would be the cost of shipping and the condition to document the Ramcharger Wink