Rom card and 16ko ?

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Hi all,

I have a rev 4 Apple II that was upgraded to Applesoft rom, and it has a Microsoft ramcard setup.

I would like to bring back my Apple II to a more 1978 configuration, starting with Integer Rom. In order to do this, I got a Rom Card 670 (like this one).

Now,this is where I am getting into some problems, and I would like to get your guy's opinion on what is the best option.

From looking at various docs, it seems that both Rom Card and Ramcard HAVE to be on slot #0, correct ?

If so, then I have 2 options

1/ Replace the Applesoft roms on the MBs with the Integer roms from the rom card. How easy is this ? Like below, what should I use to remove the chips from their socket ?


2/ use the Slot #0 for the Rom card, in this case, I will live with 48ko. But to install the Ramcard, a memory chip had to be removed from the MB , and I don't have it. Can I get one of the ram chip from the ram card and replace the missing one ?
If so, what do you recommend for removing the chip ?

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Re: Rom card and 16ko ?

Just pull the chips out (carefully) and swap between logic board and ROM card.
Drop any 4116 into the empty socket vacated by RAM card ribbon cable.

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Re: Rom card and 16ko ?

So, no way to keep both cards in, correct ?

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Re: Rom card and 16ko ?

It is possible...with a hack

ROM cards can be in any slot - multiple ROM cards can work in a system, as long they are in adjacent slots. They use DMA IN/OUT signals to allow ROM cards in higher slots numbers to disable ROM cards in lower slots. To make a ROM card work with a language card, you put the language card in slot 0 and rom card in slot 1, but that is not enough - you have to hack the language card to disable itself if it sees DMA in being asserted by the ROM card. I can't remember the details of the modification on the language card, but I think it involves only 1 wire.

Mike W.