ROM for Emulator question

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Ok, looks like it's time for another dumb question:
I've been using the normal Apple ][ and //e in my emulators, but I was wondering if there's a ROM for //c or //c plus, and where can I get them or create them? I tried with a BIN file for the //c ROM4 with no dice.
Any ideas?

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Re: ROM for Emulator question

Nope, not really - besides MESS, I haven't seen anything that emulates IIc hardware.

Well, OK, let me clarify: you will find ROMs on asimov:,, etc. But the only emulator that can make use of them is MESS. You won't be able to just "plug them in" to the other Apple II emulators out there.

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Re: ROM for Emulator question

Did you try the ones from asimov?


On a clear disk you can seek forever..