Strange monitor attachment. Has anyone seen something like this before?

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I am not really sure what to call this thing. The metal arm swivels from back to front. If I had to guess I'd say there is a piece missing and this acted as an apparatus for a privacy screen in a school or library setting. Any knowledge to that end would be welcomed.

It came attached on my IIgs monitor. It appears to be stuck on there with some pretty resilient glue pads. I want to take it off because it is so ugly. I am also pretty concerned that any attempts to remove it may damage the exterior of the monitor.

I know it is a long shot but, have any of you guys seen something like this before? I'll also gladly take any suggestions on how to remove it. Smile

Thanks all.


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WTB IIgs accelerator

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Re: Strange monitor attachment. Has anyone seen something ...

It is similar to something I had at work years ago. There is a piece missing, a clip board of sorts to hold the copy a person would be typing from.

similar to this picture