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Hey all.. From a recent haul i got a working, nice tandy 1000A... only one problem. no keyboard Sad i have been scouring ebay n cl for one... and they are like really rare. anyone here know of someone, or know someone who knows someone, or someone who knows someone who knows someone that would be willing to part with it (Im willing to pay up... depends on the contition, ect.)????
One more thing... I think theres such a thing as an adapter for the proprietary 5 pin din to standard ibm (such as model m) on these things... only problem is i have had no luck whatsoever in tracking one Down. anyone know of anybody withone of those??


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Re: tandy 1000

The one of only Ajaxes.

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Re: tandy 1000


You may want to consider Ajaxes eBay URL and make an offer on the Tandy listed. That way you get the keyboard and a spare parts machine.


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