TMS9918 Sprite Card for Apple ][

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Hi, first post here. Wondering if there is info on this sprite card I recently acquired.
It seems to be similar to the design in a 1982 Byte Magazine article.



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Re: TMS9918 Sprite Card for Apple ][

Welcome patrick2e !

Your card is a perfect clone of the one shown in the Byte article although it missed the 3 decoupling capacitors.
I also have this card. The Byte article is the only information avalaible.

The TMS9918A was used in other Apple II graphics cards : the SuperSprite and the ArcadeBoard.
These boards are very very rare and very few (if any ?) softwares support them.


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Re: TMS9918 Sprite Card for Apple ][

You could try the SuperSprite software on this card. I think the TMS9918 registers are mapped in the same way as the Byte card. There are a few demos and an ampersand extension package for AppleSoft basic on there. The SuperSprite supports super imposing/mixing the Apple video signal with 9918 video signal, which you won,t get with the Byte card. Should still give your something to play with.