What is DHGR really capable of? Not content with existing A2 graphic converters?

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Hi All,

I've spent the last few months trying to see what Double High Resolution Graphics (DHGR) is really capable of. It's a work in progress but the results look promising.




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Re: What is DHGR really capable of? Not content with ...

I have run the demo disks and must say the results are very good, BUT ...
The quality is highly dependent of the monitor used.

lukazi DHGR:
A: low resolution low bandwidth monitor/TV (Noname) gives very nice pictures and the dither is visible but not too much.
B: high resolution screen (Sony BVM HR) gives a much more noisy result to the point where the image can only be viewed from a few feet away.
C: mid range color monitor (Philips CMxxx) has the same problems as the high end monitor but there are very visible additional artifacts and ghosting (general Apple IIe problems)

for comparison 80 col text:
A: unreadable, no ghosting
B: sharp, no ghosting
C: readable, ghosting

In result the toHGR and Bill Buckels' converter are still comparable to the lukazi solution in terms of quality.