Why are Apple eMac's so heavy?

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I have an eMac coming in next week. What is the best way to carry it?

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Re: Why are Apple eMac's so heavy?

I would try facing the side of the machine and picking it up (using correct lifting techniques!) with one hand under the front and one hand under the rear of the machine. I have found that method to work with pretty much anything CRT based. Also, the eMacs were designed to be cheap and hard to pinch so don't expect it to be easy or comfortable to carry)


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Re: Why are Apple eMac's so heavy?

I would guess to keep School Children from hitting One Another with them...

I have a 2002 Model with the USB v1.1 ports...

I hold the Monitor screen against my body with my hands toward the back. This places the Heaviest Portion closest to my body and the Lighter Portion further out..

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Re: Why are Apple eMac's so heavy?

I agree, monitor facing you and hands under the back.

As to the weight question - lead. All CRT monitors and TVs have a certain amount of lead in them.

BTW, when I have to transport one by car, I usually put it on the seat and lock the seatbelt around it Wink


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Re: Why are Apple eMac's so heavy?

The boys in Chicago used them as replacements for "Cement Overshoes". Smile


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Re: Why are Apple eMac's so heavy?

Lift with the knees, not the back! This is why I'm building a headless eMac.

All rhymes aside though, these machines are notorious for capacitor being cheesy, IE the other reason I'm building a headless unit with an ATX PSU.

I did have to lift a bunch of these back in the day, to make room for newer computers, and that my friends is another story Smile


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