Laptop Mods

Modify your PowerBook G3 Wallstreet's case so that light from the LCD will pass through the Apple logo.

Want a cheap way to add storage and speed to a stationary laptop that might not have Firewire or USB 2.0? Disappointed that your Mac mini uses a puny little laptop hard drive? If you've got a desktop hard drive that you'd like to connect to either of these, it's possible with a little work.

I began my work on my picture-frame a couple of weeks ago with the the acquiring of a PB5300C. This was my 1st Apple pre G3 laptop, so didn't know what to expect...

I came up with the idea for Eve because I wanted to create a mod that acknowledged the Apple logo, rather than just ignoring it. I also wanted something more feminine.

iBook G4 case mod.. pretty in pink!

In homage of Learningsmith--General Store For A Curious Mind.

Spooky, no?

A PowerBook G4 minus the paint!

A guide to building your own digital picture frame out of a Powerbook 3400.

A sleek blue Powerbook 2400