Laptop Mods

The ZebraBook, in its native habitat.

A sleek white paint job on a classic Powerbook.

Ever since the new iBook came out and it was revealed that the top and bottom were actually clear plastic painted white on the inside, I have wanted use it in some kind of modification. Up until now the only thing I had done was to change the color of the Apple logo (to blue, of course) but it seemed to me that there was more a lot more that could be done.

She wore a red dress, she drove a red car...

The first thing I did was to take some stock photos of the Pismo and use photoshop to color them in various ways (select the part you want to color, and on a separate layer fill in the selection with the desired color. Then change the transparency of the colored layer to around 50% and you can get a good approximation of what it might look like in real life)...

An innovative attempt at building an Amiga laptop.

Scrape the rubber off a WallStreet Powerbook to reveal its metal layering.

A retro logo in this PowerBook G3.

A custom PowerBook, hacked in Japan.

A custom PowerBook, hacked in Japan.