? fix bad LVDS receptacle on LCD of iBook G4

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My iBook G4 started scrambling the screen (stripes etc. and no updates). The Apple repair manual says to replace the LVDS cable, which I just did (what an ordeal), but it did not help. What does help temporarily sometimes is to massage the screen right where the LVDS cable attaches in the back. That has not changed after swapping out the cable, so I have to suspect the bad connection is in or near the receptacle for the flat 20 pin LVDS cable. My first thouhgt was to remove the connectors and solder the wires directly, but then I learned from this site that these are actually tiny coax cables and also I believe the PCB it connects to is just a thin flexible foil.

Does anybody have some experience with this? I do not want to get a whole new LCD, just because of a lousy conection.

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How about resoldering the con

How about resoldering the connectors of the receptacle to the board?


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