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I run iTunes for windows on my PC, and I think it's a great mp3 player, but I can't figure out why it won't organize some of the songs in my library correctly. I have the "organize library" and "copy new files to library folder" options all checked, but some of my music it doens't put in the correct folder by artist, it just dumps it all in a folder called "compilations". In the music library all the song informationa ppears correctly, but in the folders it doesn;t file right. Also, when I transfer those songs to my portable mp3 player it sorts and labels them as an artist called "compilatiuons", so somehow it can't find the song information.

I think it must have something to do with how the song information is stored and it what type of ID3 tag, but I can't figure it out.

Any advice as to what might be wrong or how I cna fix it?

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Change compilation setting in Info

If the "part of a compilation" box is checked in the Info section (or if "yes" is selected), iTunes will file the track exactly as you've described. This is so, when you have the Footloose soundtrack (for a really sad example), you don't have individual artist folders for every song on the CD (i.e. Kenny Loggins, etc.) You'll have one "Footloose" folder in your "Compilations" folder.

For those tracks you DON'T want filed as Compilation tracks, select the track, type Control-I (that's Apple-I for us Mac users), and set "Part of a compilation" to "No" (or unchecked). A bit tedious, but it will fix the problem.


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On OS X you select the song (

On OS X you select the song (or album/list of songs) and hit Get Info under the File menu. Then, if you have multiple songs selected it'll ask if you are sure you want to edit info on multiple songs, so click yes. In the dialog that pops up there is a checkbox/dropdown that says Part of a compilation? with Yes/No as the options. Set as desired. Also, be sure that the songs really are not part of a compilation (various artists CD) unless you don't want all those songs to stay together. From the sound of it, you do.

I have no idea about iTunes under Win, but it should be similar.

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