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okay, having read what some people have thought about my first entry i have decided to clarify what i wrote as to not confuse any more individuals about this whole middle school thing. I do not have a bully problem! my problem with middle school, you see, is of a broader sense. I just extremely dislike the whole idea of middle school. As i said before, "you could say that i work in a middle school." whcich means that you could also expect me too be at said middle school five days a week for six hours a day. And so, one would think that after 30 hours a week of a middle school one would get tired of that reched idea.

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Perhaps you need to clarify w

Perhaps you need to clarify with some specific examples. To say you 'extemely dislike the whole idea of middle school' leaves the reader grasping for why you have that dislike, and so we try to guess based on our own experiences.

At this point, it's not yet clear if you're a student of a middle school or an employee.

The concept of middle school of 'junior high' I disliked at the time, but see value in now. It acts as a physical and psychological separation from the earlier grades, and prepares the student for the larger changes that come with going to high school as they begin changing from child to young-adult. There needs to be a break from the earlier grades where the student is coddled and guided to where they are given more opportunity to think and act for themselves. It's a difficult but necessary transition.


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OK, this will seem insensitive...

I understand that you are expected to be at said middle school for 30 hrs/week...

... but...


I'm sorry, but if you are a student, then you have to go. Constantly complaining about the idea of middle school (even creating a whole new thread about it) ain't gonna change the fact that you have to go. You could not go, if you were so inclined, but then you would end up remaining the uneducated person that you are now.

I'm sorry, but if you are a teacher, then you have pretty much chosen to work there. If you are not under contract, leave. Go somewhere else. Find a place to work that you do not so obviously despise.

I'm sorry, but if you are a janitor, same goes as above. Leave. Find some other place to clean toilets and vacuum floors. There are millions of buildings in the world. More than one of them has a floor what needs mopping.

If the above seems insensitive, then I'm sorry you feel that way.


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If you hate going to school,

If you hate going to school, just wait until you get a job, end up hating it, and then having your boss force you to work overtime.


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One coulsd always come work w

One coulsd always come work with me. You gt to carry 80lbs sacks or 10-24 bricks at a time. Maybe even a couple concrete block (hadite are much lighter, but not ground-rated) or some split-faced block. Oh, then there's the demo work. A rotary hammer or a diamond blade 71cc gas chop saw. Husqavarna is the only name you need to know for a good chop saw. Wink

At least I get to work with family, and the hours are generally pretty dang good for the pay.


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I never had the "bully" probl

I never had the "bully" problem... but I think I know where you are coming from...

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