Power-on CC (Mystic) without keyboard

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I'd like to be able to power-on my Color Classic (Mystic) without using the Power-key from the keyboard.

I don't want any keyboard attached to it since I want to use it in "Kiosk-mode", like my SE-30-TV ( http://www.bernardbelanger.com/computing/setv/index.html ).

Any ideas ?


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Grounding ADB pin 2 to ground

Grounding ADB pin 2 to ground will start the Mac:

I've seen this done with a momentary switch soldered to an old ADB cable, but making the wiring internal and having the switch positioned on one of the CC's expansion bays might be more elegant. Based on your works, I'm sure it'll be an easy task for you.


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so easy... thanks

This is an easy solution, thank you very much, I'll do that.