Help - dead TiBook 550mhz

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I've just got hold of a 550mhz TiBook which refuses to turn on. It's in reasonable shape, scratched and worn, but complete. The PSU ring glows orange and it is definitely charging the battery. If you press the power button, there is a faint pop from the speakers and the ring changes to green. However, that's it, no chime, no drive activity and the screen remains dark. If you press the Caps Lock key, it lights up. If you then hold down the power button, it shuts off again with another faint pop.

I've pressed the reset button on the back, which didn't make any difference, and it doesn't do enough to try resetting PRAM or anything.

It's got 512mb RAM in two DIMMS installed, which I've tried swapping out, and apparently a 40gb hard drive. I've reseated everything I could see under the keyboard, but haven't had a look underneath the bottom cover yet.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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Bad motherboard?

Bad motherboard?

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Logic board

I'm really hoping it isn't a bad logic board.

It does seem to be running, the heatsinks under the keyboard get warm, the keyboard lights work and it is charging the battery. Nothing looks wrong under the bottom case, and it's all complete.

So why won't it start?!

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try leaving it plugged in . . .

for a few days. That seems a common cure for the no-start-up-after-sitting-unused-for-awhile syndrome.

dan k


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older mac laptops tend to hav

older mac laptops tend to have their psu's go bad. i remember an old pre-ppc power book that you had to wiggle the power connector to get it to power on. it could be that it can no longer can supply enough watts to run your motherboard

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Still dead...

It's been on charge for ages now and the battery seems to be full. I've also tried it with the PSU from my 600mhz iBook, still no joy.


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Powerbook battery memnesia program ?

I have a few (5) old powerbooks 2 180c - batteries almost dead.
Do anyone remember or know a link to the battery optimizer: "battery memnesia" I think it was....

Regards Jakob