I have just sinned.

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ok, here is what I did:

I have my mom and I's old laptop (before I got my wallstreet). it's a Compaq Armada 4220t. 266mhz PI MMX, 64mb RAM, 12" screen, no OS.

it was having s problem with large hard drives (above 8.5gb), even with a drive overlay program. so, when I managed to get one 20gb (that wasnt working in the compaq) in my wallstreet, it's original 4gb fijustu retired, as did the compaq.

that is until today, when I shoved the figustu in the laptop, formatted it (dos, and temporarily), not even removing the barcode sticker with the apple logo on it, and I put...

ubuntu on it.

sorry if I scared anybody who was thinking windows.

this rock stable OS got me through the pre-OS 9 CD era of this B&W, and it will live on in the compaq. good thing I ordered all three sets of CDs (PowerPC, x86, and 64-bit).

with it, plus a wifi card, it will become my little wardriver/console macine.

it's small and light (once I shed the ethernet dock, CD-ROM dock, and floppy drive, and put a battery in the floppy bay.). it will make a lovely light duty machine.

I am terribly sorry for using a hard drive with an Apple logo on it, bui it was all I had avalible.

btw, it's a 4gb drive, but the ubuntu installer calls it 4.9gb.

-digital Wink

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I think that the "transgression" would only be if one were to install Windows on the drive. If not, I've done it too, my Omnibook has a ex-iBook drive in it as well, and eerily, runs Ubuntu as well.

Ubuntu, where it excels, is such a nice distro. In fact I've been pondering installing it on my B&W alongside OS X to see if it's snappier. When I installed it on the Omnibook, everything got recognized and configured properly, leaving my mouth agape. I mean the volume controls and the mute button work as they should it's so properly done.

(Being created of course from Debian's more recent source doesn't hurt either, and of course I recognize the credit goes as much there as it does to Ubuntu.)

-- Macinjosh

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oh, thank goodness. but I

oh, thank goodness.

but I do have a 8mb partition at the beginning of the drive with the BIOS on it. old compaq computers dont have it on a seperate bit.

the only bad bit about Ubuntu is the LONG boot time. it would take 5-10 on my B&W (2-3 for OS 9 on the same machine). it's the same on the armada. but after boot, the thing is snappy as a mother.

I like this distro, too, because it is detecting all my hardware. I have used xandros and knoppix before, and they had a problem with the internal trackpad, and the ethernet port on the back of the dock.

Ubuntu even found and configured wireless card with narry a hiccup!! now I can use it as my little wardriver. plus it's as small as an ibook, but slow as a turtle.!!

and to think I was going to thow it in the garbage!! it still works.

-digital Wink

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just how snappy is a mother?

just how snappy is a mother? Tongue


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Depending on emotional climat

Depending on emotional climate and any impending doom, anywhere from comatose to Mommy Dearest.


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Apple drives

I had to put a 1.6GB Apple-branded drive in a Dell a year ago for a client. I just figured it was really Quantum who made the drive so I didn't feel so bad. And maybe it will purify Hell's Dells (as I call them).


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I am in the process of installing NetBSD onto a 4GB IDE Drive that came with my G3 AIO. I hope the thing works out right. I don't consider hardware as being important, especially now that Apple went to the dark-side. Wink but still, I would say it would be blasphemous if you were to install windows on the drive, then may god help your pitiful soul Tongue


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i guess I rreally AM a sinner then... i just thought hard drives were hard drives... wheter or not they had an apple sticker on them. I have one 6GB i pulled out of my Grape Rev. D iMac that has led many lives... first it went to an old box i made for my mom in the interm (her old PC had an issue with the power supply that fried the Mobo... i built a "spare parts" box for her so that she could check her email while i was building a new machine for her.) at that point it had Win 98 on it (6GB really too small to put XP on..) after that it found its way into my XBOX when i was first playing with modding.. (since replaced with a 128GB WD full of emulators and roms and a working Linux install w/ window manager.... not bad for a system with 64MB of ram) and now, in another odd turn of events and "...lets see whats in the drawer"'-itis, it is living inside of my Performa 5215CD, booting System 8.1 (my 5215 CD has the TV and video cards, and i just put in the HUGE (hey, its system 8.1...) 6GB drive to have space to store any recordings of tv shows or what not.

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almost foregot

I tore apart a 2.0gb WD (with apple sticker), which I got out of some PM 5xxx all in one from school last year (they threw out the computer. damn, I should have grabbed it when I had the chance. that plus the 7500/100 w/monitor, mouse, KB, several G3 MTs, and a Laserwriter 8500 (the whole school switched to some crappy HP/compaq systems when we moved to the new building), and maybe snagged one of the dual USB ibooks (500mhz originals) they were getting rid of, but that's a story for another day.)

it has one platter, one head. I put it back together, and since it doesnt work (makes a clicking noise), it's going to the recyclers on March 1st.

I guess that also isnt blastphomy, since it is long dead. R.I.P poor Mac HD. you are in/going to a better place.

-digital Wink