OS X Server, and complete shutdown

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I need to know if it is possible to strip OS X Server 10.3 of all of it's serving functions to speed it up. I have an older computer that I need to completely turn off the server function. Is there some extensions that I can disable (pull out of the extensiong folders in the system) that will make the thing kinda like a non-server version of the OS? The reason i ask this, as I have server, but I have no client (home) version 10.3


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(Side note: I have used Mac O

(Side note: I have used Mac OS Server for about a week and do not have access to a computer running it now)

I think by going into the server settings app in the utilities folder and turn every thing off (no DHCP server, HTTP server etc...) might provide the solution you are looking for. As far as i know there is no way to remove the server "extensions" of the OS completely


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OS X server is installed with

OS X server is installed with no modules started by default. You turn on just the modules you need. If you don't turn on any of the modules, the machine more or less performs like it would if it were running Panther client. And even with a couple modules turned on but not seeing any/much activity, it still won't bog the machine down. You'll see a bigger speedup by adding more RAM (I have 768MB in my B&W running Tiger Server, and it's pretty speedy).


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It ships with SSH enabled, an

It ships with SSH enabled, and I think remote desktop, but I'm not sure about the second one.


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Couldn't you just install 10.3 client?