G3 B&W has a flashing optical USB mouse!!!

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I'm not sure if I've only just noticed this or, somehow today I've managed to knacker something on my mac...

I have a cheapo Sony laptop optical USB mouse on this machine-(its actually a Logitech mouse I bought it for my now on hold ADB/USB mouse hack), which is this small two button/scroll wheel illuminated black thing that looks like a scarab...its actually a really nice mouse (and my first PC type one)-as its kind of like a puck mouse but with more functionality. its not big and ugly! Product ID is: 49174 ($c016) and it says on the bottom "3d Optical Mouse".

As part of its case design it has a clear curved bit of plastic that allows you to see in and it allows the LED's to shine out. It glows red all the time, and then when its moved the red gets more intense. If anyone really needs

Theres also a blue light that's inside that gets switched on early in the boot process...and this is where it gets weird...I can't really remember this light coming on very much at all-until today...

this machine is used in a room with very "low" lighting which means the red light on the mouse is very visible.

But now I've noticed that the blue light flashes really sporadically (like an LED that is used to to illustrate data transfer) sporadic little flashes and then sometimes bigger ones.

Theres a little LED (DS 9?) on the logic board (G3 B&W) which also flashes at the same time...!

ARghh! Is my mac on its way out or is this entirely normal-can someone with a B&W check to see if they've got the same flashing light on their logic board?

I've swapped the mouse to different usb ports-and to a USB/Firewire sonnet PCI card-and its still the same. Even zapped my PRAM though I don't know really if that has any effect or not.

All the USB ports are recognised by Sys Profiler, and so is the PCI card.

If its normal-and i've been oblivious-thats ok. But if it carries on, I think I'll have to snip that LED! And if the LB is going southwards-then so be it...

Im running 10.3.9.

Hope someone can help...not sure if this should go in the Powermac forum?



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Does the mouse continue to work despite the little blue LED flashing? Most likely it just shows USB activity, and the LED on the motherboard is one of the USB activity LEDs as well, I believe.


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my Sony mouse does it too

I have this same model, and it does the exact same thing. Consider it "normal," if annoying.


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