I'm back...

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Hey all...

Haven't been on for a while, but I have been watching the way this place has been changing... I moved, got married and moved on to a new job so i have been a bit busy.

Anyhow... I guess I was motivated to post again, as I am about ready to move on to two hacks.... that may become one...

First is a NeXT cube which was just a shell when I got it. It has been stripped down to the bare magnesium shell, and powdercoated in a silver hammer tone. (picture silver with black cheetah spots). Originally I was going to mount a Beige G3 MB in there, but I may be using a clamshell (paris) G3 iBook.

I recieved it today from my sister. She dropped it, cracking the shell, and LCD. It shoulds like its booting up fine, but no video, and I don't have the video out connector for it. I'm going to try and share it via firewire a bit later see how that goes.

Oh well just updating the world...

Shane Hale

BTW: Hal is doing great... just got a 'HAL 9000' case badge.


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Welcome back...

Welcome back Shane, good to see a active hacker back. This place has changed quite a bit, its good to have you back.