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I want to write a 'html' tutorial, but I have no idea how to include html tags (for the tutorial) without the browser interpreting them as actual page code.

Can anyone help me?


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You could use a different bra

You could use a different bracket type and let the reader know which to use...

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You need to know the code for the code

Now that I sound like a prophet from the Matrix, let me explain:

Every character has a hexadecimal code that can be used to represent it in a situtaion where you do not want the character in quesiton translated as HTML code. Example:

An open bracket is the same as the "less than" symbol, so you would use < to show an open bracket, or <

A good reference for special characters is

Now, you do realize how ironic it is that you are asking for assistance with HTML to write an HTML tutorial, don't you? Wink


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