OS X user delete problems

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My brothers account has been really sloooooooow lately, so i decided to delete it. For some reason, after it says its deleted, it never goes away. it makes a little " deleted users" file and everything, but the account is still there. this happnes even when I log in as root and try it that way. Any solutions? Before I leave it is fitting to mention that he downloads everything, and i mean everything. I wouldn't put it past him downloading tons of virus programs; he has done it on my windows computer several time, each time requiring a format. hmmm.


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disk copy

well, use the new combined disk copy/ disk utility and create a sparse disk image from the user folder. then go in as root and delete the users folder.



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Had the same problem with a "

Had the same problem with a "Guest" account that I set up in OS/10.1.5. System created the deleted users file, then I didn't have authority to delete the "deleted users" file. Accidentally found resolution while in O/S 9.2, doing some clean-up. Was able to delete the Guest account (deleted users) from there, and all appears to be well. Not sure why it works that way though.


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X is fussy, and i mean REAL f

X is fussy, and i mean REAL fussy about security, it won't even let me open mac os 7 system files!


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i ran into this while back

i ran into this a while back when i was "cleaning" an iBook for re-sale. i bragged to my friend about how i knew macs in and out and could wipe all her personal data, and her husband's and their kid's etc. ha-ha - bad idea. I was new to os 10.2 and the darn accounts would not delete.

after trial and error, i finally made a new generic account for the buyer and set it to auto login; then shut down the mac, booted it as a target disk (hold down T) and then plugged it in via firewire to my other mac. after that I deleted the unwanted account folders and their related junk from the disk. Rebooted in normal mode, no problems.