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Wondering if anyone can comment-
I've taken the shell of my dual USB 900 iBook and painted it with enamel. Looks good, but should I spray on any other kind of finish? The enamel is feeling sticky still to the touch, will it change after a complete dry? It's been about 12 hours.


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It depends on the kind of ena

It depends on the kind of enamel, but you should wait 24hrs minimum before the paint is dry enough. Enamel paint dries from the outside to the inside so wait as long as you can before handling it.


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enamel paint...

I would suggest that you clear coat the shell with a compatable oil based clear coat. If you choose to do more painting in the future, you might consider thinning the paint with naptha, which reduces dry time - and allows the paint to atomize better through a cup gun... creating a smoother finish with less chance of an orange peal texture...