Looking for original Apple ][ keyboard

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Some of you have probably seen my postings on some Apple ][ specific online groups.

I'm looking for an Apple ][ keybord with the raised powerlight. I had a very unhappy accident with my one. I am in the middle of restoring an Apple ][ and I spilt flux remover on the keyboard while it was in transit, and melted many of the keys solid!

For your reference I have posted a picture of the keyboard type I want here:

...and the other type that I don't really want, but if you have one, I'd still like to hear from you in case I can't find my first choice:

If anywone has one of these I would LOVE to hear from you.

Much thanks and appologies for posting a "wanted to buy' messgae here.


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"flush" Apple ][+ keyboard


I have the original keyboard out of my original Apple II+. I suspect that the encoder board for it does not work as I've tested the keyboard by itself and all the keys make connection. There is a bit of wear on the left and right arrow keys from decades of game playing. If your keyboard encoder board is still intact and will work with this, perhaps we could work something out.


You might find my Apple II keyboard links helpful:


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Thanks for your reply...

Unfortunately until I run out of options I will keep looking for the original type.

Thanks again, and thanks for the links.