ibook clamshell battery connector pinout

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im making a new project with my ibook clamshell. I dont have the money for a new battery (i got my clamshell without a battery)

so im making a new one out of a very good wallstreet battery

since the voltages are basically the same, i just need to know which pins on the 6 pn battery connector on the battery board of the clamshell are + and - ect

thanks alot!

attached is a ipcture of what im looking for


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So did you find out? I would

So did you find out? I would also want to know

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how are you intending on maki

how are you intending on making the wallstreet battery fit anyhow? and don't you mean it's a lombard or pismo battery (no need to be rude)? the wallstreet and later g3 batteries have vastly different connectors in terms of shape.


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It's a pretty good guess that

It's a pretty good guess that his project is going to be a laptop picture frame, or some other thing that does not use the Clamshell case.

I, too, would like to find out what the pinout is on the Clamshell battery. With the battery laying on the bench with the connector toward me, my VOM shows me the following, LEFT TO RIGHT:

1 (Leftmost) Ground
2 Ground
3 Ground
4 Ground
5 open
6 (rightmost) +14v (no load)

It's easy for me to IMAGINE that all four of those pins are not really ground per se, but perhaps transmit some info from the battery pack to the machine. Can =anyone= point us to a specification?


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