Anybody know what's up at Spymac?

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Anybody here also a member at Spymac? Any idea what's going on over there?

They've had multiple problems with their server(s) in the 8 months since they unveiled "Spymac version 4," but I don't remember reading anywhere about the servers going down to release "Spymac 5" ... until the servers went down on Saturday.

Anybody in contact with a mod or admin over there? Any kind of timeframe? Or do we just twiddle our thumbs for a few weeks?

At least I'm still able to access my webmail, storage and hosting over there ... so far ...

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In my opinion Spymac got wors

In my opinion Spymac got worse since Version 3. Gallery's flooded with spam, stupid comments and it got slooooow...

Haven't been using Spymac since Version 4 and I think I won't use it again... too bad, used to be a good commuity back then... in the good old days... Sad


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no idea either

I stopped even bothering trying to load their site at least a year ago...

When they removed ftp access from their 'free hosting' in favor of web dav, I sent them an angry note, and moved on.... When making a web site, nothing is more annoying than having to upload files through a web interface, 1, or 5, or 10 files at a time. For me, its all or nothing. Its one thing to add webdav functionality, for those that fear ftp clients, or command lines, but its another thing entirely to remove a perfectly useful functionality for no freakin' reason.

Why on earth would you use their email? send me a PM with an email address and I'll send you an invite to gmail. No one deserves that kind of suffering.

its worth mentioning that Applefritter's forums and entire site has always been so much faster than spymac's that its hardly even funny... I know they have different charters, or whatever, different purpose... but ... whatever... kudos Applefritter!