Return of the Clones...!

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From a technorati blog:

"Apple clones creep back on the streets"
"Apparently, the latest thing is a "PowerPC G6 Macintosh", an "Apple G6 Macintosh-Clone Computer" with a 3.8GHz Pentium 4. These come with shedloads of OSx86 compatible hardware, and pre-loaded with something called a "Mac OSX-86 Apple MacOS X Tiger 10.4.3".

The beasts are being made in China and South America, but unlike the real Apple machines, these clones will cost you only $500."

And if you're curious how to get one?

Oh my.



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There is no way thats real. Y

There is no way thats real. You can't get a 3.8GHz PIV for $500. Its a spoof.



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The Game Is A'Foot...

Ironically, if you follow the link to the distributor, you discover that the server is down...
Smells like marinelife...


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Oh yeah it's a scam. I mean,

Oh yeah it's a scam. I mean, try even buying the bundled Photoshop CS2 and Word 2004 for $499.

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No suprisingly the image of t

No suprisingly the image of the "Clone" is just an illustration, not a photo.


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