getting files onto a pb 1400

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hi i have a pb 1400 running os 8.6 and i need to get stuffit onto it so i can install the orinoco drivers to start a wifi network but i dont have another mac so i have to use a windoze desktop and the pb doesnt have cd only floppy and stuffit it about 6 mb and i dont have a zip drive what can i do to get in on there is there a small version of stuffit ?


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stuffit expander

this should get you started. for some reason, the Aladdin folks like to STUFF the installer for stuffit expander. I did it for you. it's only 808k. just download it directly to a floppy on your PC, and place it in your PB1400. the mac will see it as an installer, and will do it's thing.

if that doesnt work, drop me a PM, and we can get this sorted out. remember: there's always more than one way to skin a cat.

btw, how is the PB1400? I was thinking of looking at one as my portable months ago, but the lack of built in enet turned me to my current PB G3 (wallstreet), but I am still interested in getting one as a collection.

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pb 1400

i loved my machine, it went with me everywhere! I would listen to music (before i got my iPod), and do reports and that kind of thing. Its really a great machine! The only problem is that its really hard to take apart! but i gave it away as a christmas present when i got my pismo.


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Re: pb 1400

gobabushka wrote:

... The only problem is that its really hard to take apart! ...

I can't agree with you there. To replace the backup battery is indeed an exercise in demolition. But to replace the HDD, daughtercard, RAM, or expansion bay card is a ten-minute exercise. Like the PB 500 series, the PB 1400 series was designed for ease of common upgrades or repairs.



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