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Move if needed. But an ops/war room probably isn't very outdoorsy.

I landed my interview for the AIX Admin position. It was kind of mis-represented to the recruiter. They really wanted someone that also knows Solaris and has a strong security background as well as AIX specific knowledge. Fortunately that's pretty much me in a nutshell, save for a nearly unhealthy affection towards OS X, BSD, and the disassembly of things of the mechanical world.

So I'll be doing AIX and Solaris security stuff for at least the next 6 months of my life. A good pay raise and hopefully a lot less stress go with it. As I don't start till monday, I can't really expand too much more on it, but I'll keep you posted. You can read the later posts in my RS/6000 thread (in Other Computers) for info leading up to now. Since this has very little to do with my RS/6000 or "what I do for a living" (as my job has significantly changed), I figured it was new-thread-worthy.


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That's great! It must be a g

That's great! It must be a good thing you picked up those Ultra 5s and the Sparc 5. And security? I'll say you've surely got that one covered. I'll assume based on the OSs used that you'll be working in a server room/data center again. At least you get guaranteed A/C on the job. Wink


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Excellent. Glad to here you g

Excellent. Glad to here you got the job.


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We're all very happy for you.

Rock on, ax0n!


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Best of luck on the new gig Laughing out loud

-- Macinjosh