white spots on the screen?

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Hi, My ibook show some white spots on the screen and I don't know if it's due to the inverter or lcd panel.... Anyone know?

Spots like these: http://i13.ebayimg.com/02/i/07/ac/97/dd_1.JPG

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Not an inverter problem. I

Not an inverter problem.

It's the panel. Looks like the spots have been caused by pressure in those areas.


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Seconded ...

I'm gonna go with eeun on this one. Those white spots are the result of pressure in those points. I see it on a daily basis (often you can see a white outline of the lvds cable from pressure. This is where being super anal with how a laptop is transported pays off. I've seen good results with the brenthaven cases and sleeves. In extreme cases, the sleeve will limit the amount of damage resulting from being driven over to just a cracked lcd. (have seen this happen a few times in the last 30 days)


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Ok, thanks again iantm, you a

Ok, thanks again iantm, you are a crack! Smile

This defect is present in all Apple LCD? or only between one serie...


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not a "defect"

this isnt really a "defect" so much as it is the result of mishandling ANY LCD. again, not an apple defect, but damage as a result of a negligent owner.


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white spots on display

This is a defect in the display and Apple is covering a number of these machines in an "extension program" that was released last year. Check-out the Apple support sight for details. They did a terrific job for me on my G4 PowerBook 1.25 aluminum.