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Just wondering (having read if an infrared enabled newton can control a Powermac 6360? Has this ever been done? Or does the controller work at a different frequency?


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It will be like a regular TV Remote. I used a Sony Television Remote with my 5300 when i had it (had the tv tuner Laughing out loud ) I used various remotes with my 5300, but Sony seemed to be the one that it liked the most. All it is is the code it puts out. I doubt apple is going to want to support something that later down the road, if it breaks and stuff isn't made anymore, apple is going to want to reproduce one just for the proprietary code..

I know this, as Apple still makes parts for the G3 Original iMac (bondi) and EVERY now and THEN, there will be *some* customer that wants their iMac fixed at ANY cost. It costs apple to keep the parts around longer than they need to. So the more standard the stuff, the less apple has to keep old parts being made... (source from this was : Word03 [he worked at an apple center in walongong Australia])


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Yep, I used a small Zenith SP

Yep, I used a small Zenith SP1 universal remote set to a Sony code with my 5200 for TV use. It had most of the useful buttons (not Mac/TV though) and they all worked great. Using a Newton set for Sony should work fine, as long as it's got enough power to the IR to get any sort of range, that is. Wink


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