Need to replace a VGA cable, LCD on one end & bare wires on the other.

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I have a Relisys TL500A 15" LCD that a dog chewed on.
There was nothing left of the VGA cable end to try and put another plug on it. I have looked around and found VGA pinout info however everyone seems to use a different set of colors for the wires in their cables.

Relisys has been no help so far. Anyone here have any ideas?

I wouldn't even mind running a completely new cable, I just don't know where all the wires are meant to go.

Thanks all

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Check out this website:

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Clarification: Is the cable a

Clarification: Is the cable a captive one (ie it goes straight into the panel without a connector), or did it have a VGA HDD15 connector at each end? If the latter, a standard VGA cable will work fine as a replacement.

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The cable did go from a 15 pi

The cable did go from a 15 pin connector to the monitor, It didn't plug in. On opening the case the wires seperate out and go to a harnes that has other wores which go to their various destinations. I wish I could just plug something in. What I am trying to do is to find a way to id the wires and put a new plug on, or just replace the cable. I have found many sites with the pinout of the VGA cable, nothing so far on which colors are what. The most informative told me that many manufacturers use different colors.

I appreciate all suggestions, to clarify what I am looking for is a way to find out either what Relisys uses or a way to figure it out.

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I know it's an obvious question...

but you *don't* have the piece the dog chewed off anymore to match up, correct?

It's a long shot, but have you traced the wires to where they terminate on the circuit board? It's possible it may have some text silkscreened on it which could be helpful. (Tiny little "Hsync"s, "Vsync"s, etc. next to the appropriate pins.)


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Yeah, the end is no more. No

Yeah, the end is no more. Nothing to even attempt to try and match up. I was looking for some clues on the circuit board also, nothing. Some of the wires I believe I have figured out. That does very little though if I can't figure out the rest of them. I started to try the guess check revise method, then the video card began to act strangely so I quit. Thank you for the thoughts.

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?anyone else have working model available to reference


It is a long shot. But perhaps there is some kind person that would check to see if they own a duplicate of your monitor that does work. Perhaps even a computer store owner or someone offering one for sale on Ebay would kindly volunteer to check if they had precise make model serial number year of manufacture type information for the unit you have.

Certainly a long shot ... but perhaps worth a try anyway.

Good luck!



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