The Holy Grail achieved?: Powerbook G4 with a 1920 x 1200 resolution on a 15.4" LCD

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I found this link today:

I had always been told and read here that swapping an LCD panel out for anything else would be impossible. I also read that in very rare cases, you could swap similar panels, but there would be quirks (Like 20 pixel wide dead areas, or something along those lines). This is quite an interesting read if it's legitimate.


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How is this possible? The 15"

How is this possible? The 15" MacBook Pro has a screen res of 1440x900. And that IS a MacBook Pro screen.


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no its not...

thats a MBP upper screen housing fitted with an LCD panel from a PC, it just happens to have the same LVDS (i think thosse are the correct letters... LOL) connector on the donor PC panel as the newer PB screens had, so this person hacked a compatible, but higher resolution, screen into a MBP upper housing, inter-mingled parts of the hinges from the PB and MBP and ended up with this machine, which works but has a really funky looking chassis (top half in no way aligns with the bottom half, and it cannot close completley)

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It does close, but the latche

It does close, but the latches are different, so it won't stay...

EDIT: and as the the post topic, no, this isn't the holygrail. The holygrail is swipeing the LCD panel and jamming a few wires together to get it to work as a VGA monitor. Swapping LVDS cables is dodgy at best due to varying cables, but does work.


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It's not exactly a very, very

It's not exactly a very, very easy conversion, like he says it is. Even on the roomiest of PC laptops, swapping LCD panels is a horrible process.

I don't think I'd want to have to read text on such a high DPI display, either. At least not without a resolution independant UI.


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