Run windows on Mac?

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Can mac run windows without rebooting the operating system? For some reasons, sometimes I need to run windows software on my Mac. has anyone experience?

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intel mac.... parallels desktop is GREAT!!! (not for games though)

PPC Mac - well... MS did have Virtual PC for Mac products dead now though... but i think its free. It was awful really... SOOOO slow made my 1.58Ghz G4 mac mini feel like I was running XP Pro on a 166Mhz Pentium II

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Q Emu

Emulates a whole crap load of platforms (PPC is *kinda* working)
Q Emu Download (Via Macupdate)

That is a totally free and opensource project


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Apple & Parallels

I created a user that would have a singular purpose, to run Parallels in full-screen mode. The user is set up in simple finder with parental controls such that upon login, Parallels is launched automatically and the virtual machine is also automatically launched to full screen.

What this is a screenshot of is me connecting via RDC (emulated PPC code, right?) to that virtual machine... which another user is running on the same machine. As you can see in the dock, I don't have Parallels running, not sure the pic is big enough, but Activity Monitor shows my special user running Parallels.)

A silly execise?
It shows a couple of things.
-OS X on intel is solid for virtual business computing.
-OS X just kicks ___, blah blah blah

But I'm starting to realize that virtual computing may just be the true carefree way to deal with virus', malware, script kitties, bring it... while at the same time the true carefree way to upgrade users to mac hardware.

But it makes IT a little more complicated to explain.

Once the VM is created, the OS installed, desired updates applied, software installed, etc., typical machine set up, you can zip up the darn thing in about 2 minutes.

So the office machines go from Dell & XP... to what appears to be iMacs running XP, with all the same users & settings as the Dell, domains included (user home directory kept on a remote server kind of thing), all the same software with a notable exception (no AV), except that its really an iMac running OS X, logged in as a limited user with simple finder and parental controls preventing that user running anything but Parallals and that particlar VM (w/ *nix group & permissions tricks). The OS X installation is running a few services, sshd, ARD, and internet sharing, and has a special firewall rule (rather than running web sharing, which would open all ports to the virtual nic). A crontab runs early every morning deleting the VM and unzipping the Master VM, destroying and recreating a pristine machine daily. (Backups and AV are performed on user directories from their central location in another department... a classic SEP).

There are many details to work out, but this is going to work.

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I can't see office users swit

I can't see office users switching to Macs... Dell offers great discounts that Apple doesn't, which is why my school switched almost entirely to Dells, they saved a hell of a lot of money by doing so, and did not sacrifice performance either...


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Apple definitely has a very v

Apple definitely has a very vague relationship with the enterprise and education market now. In the 90s, Apple was in lots of offices and most schools, but they seemed to stop caring about those markets around the time that Jobs came back.


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they saved a hell of a lot of money by doing so, and did not sacrifice performance either...

well... maybe... maybe not. Apple's computers are well known to operate even a decade after the warranty expires... Dells? not so much. OK, maybe someone has an old Dell that runs fine, but I think for the most part they were designed to cease functioning the day after the warranty expires (I have 70 Dells I must admin... and this is not far from truth... and btw, you can see my office switching ALL OF THEM in the spring, thanks very much).

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ok, it works, but it's slow (very slow). xp with qemu on my 1.8GHz G5 feels like playing with glue. it seems to me that even virtual pc was faster on my g5...
i have to admit that qemu is really fast when it comes to emulating unix or linux os'. free bsd runs fine and without any problems.


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OLD apples run for a long time...

I sure wouldn't say that the g4 and later apples have had a chance to burn in and be legacy machines that people keep for 15 years because they love them. I'd say once Jobs came back, the quality went WAY down.

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Re: OLD apples run for a long time...

reklus wrote:

I sure wouldn't say that the g4 and later apples have had a chance to burn in and be legacy machines that people keep for 15 years because they love them. I'd say once Jobs came back, the quality went WAY down.

I strongly disagree. Apple was heading for a breakdown. Once Jobs came back he did a lot for the company and really turned them around. I dont think Apple would be what it was today if it wasn't for him.

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I tend to agree Vega. Apple's

I tend to agree with Vega. Apple's product quality was headed down the tubes long before Jobs showed up the second time. Yeah, since Jobs has been back, quality has degraded, but its more of a continuing trend than Jobs' fault.


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And everyone ignores that muc

And everyone ignores that much of that trend to get things started back out of the hole Apple was in was started by Gil Amelio. His light in the dark was eclipsed by the return of The Steve. Amelio held the company together long enough for The Steve to get back on board by Amelio helping Apple purchase NeXT. The Steve would have had a much harder time of getting things back in shape if he'd of had to do everything on his own to get back into Apple. The Steve actually forced the ousting of Amelio by flooding the market with Apple stock when he sold off all of his own. No, The Steve is a shrewd, shrewd, business man. If Apple was seeing a drop in sales related to quality issues you can bet that quality would improve. Because Apple is still ina growing position quality doesn't matter above overall sales. Wink


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