Help please! I have a black screen on my iBook G4

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Hi there, I have a 2004 iBook G4 that I have been using at home for a couple of years. I have never had any problems but the screen just went black on me. In the right light I can still make out whats on the screen so I know all the harddrive etc is ok. Its only the screen. I have tried turning up the brightness but it does me no good. Is my computer f-cked? My warrenty has expired so I'm worried its going to cost more than the price of a new computer to fix. Any help would be really appreciated.


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There have been complaints ab

There have been complaints about the inverter cable on the iBook getting pinched and cutting out the backlight.

Best bet is to contact Apple and get a quote for repair. On Slashdot, a poster said he was quoted $319 for a flat-rate out-of-warranty repair. Much less than a new notebook, and safer then attempting to repair it yourself.


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Better yet ...

If you have a reputable Apple reseller in your area (other than CompUSA or the Apple Store), check to see if they have someone who is familiar with portables. If so, that $319 repair bill may only turn out to be $150, as the repair is mostly labor and the stocking price of the reed switch/inverter cable is all of $6.95. Unless you don't have an Apple repair shop locally, enjoy the high price that Apple's service depot charges.


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