Need: Miles Appart from Astarte

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Ok i kinda got the idea that this is a nono but this is my last resort and i hope that someone out there can actually help me.
I have a cd jukebox for a computer.
It's a NSM CDR-100 xa, it's posibble to hook it up to a mac with scsi and adb wich i have all the hardware for (hoping to be able to use it on a clasic but otherwise on a later model)
there is one problem thou, i have had many hours of searching the internet to obtain a copy of Miles Appart wich has been made by Astarte. The problem is that Astarte no longer exists this day and therefore it's very hard to obtain it throu them.
I have browsed many sites wich offer second hand software but still a no go, even searched for less legal ways to find the damn program. I don't know how it works with copyright protection for software from wich the copyright propietor has gone bankrupt but hey that's not the issue.

So is there anyone who can help me out with the software?

Or is there anyone who knows how to send the correct signals throu adb to the jukebox so that i can use it (even if it would only be as a jukebox for my hifi set would be great)

I hope that there is nothing wrong with my request to purchase Miles appart from someone throu this way, if so ignore that part and hopefully someone can help me woth an alternative way of commanding my jukebox.

Thanks in advance and greetings from R.D.

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miles APART

You'll have an easier time if you spell it correctly.
Spelling REALLY counts on web searches
Was the first thing I found.
Don't know if it will help.

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thanks but there is no inform

thanks but there is no information in the file wich i can use, about the spelling by bad.

Thank you nonetheless for looking.

Greet R.D.