Anyone successfully booted a Daystar Genesis MP+ in Linux?

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I'm having issues (one big issue, really) with getting my Genesis MP+ to load a Linux kernel.

I'm using BootX (tried a couple of versions) to load kernels from Debian's current Sarge CD, using the init ramdisks from the same place, along with a bunch of other kernels from various places - downloaded from the net, nabbed from ubuntu's CD, even some older 2.2 version ones - both SMP and plain versions too. None of them actually load to the point of displaying a penguin (or penguins!) at the top of the screen - they just show the initial text that appears quickly before the penguins should show, and then lock up, all except one 2.4.x kernel that drops me to a monitor prompt.

I've also tried various options within bootx, all coming out with the same result. Anyone else managed to get bootx working with their genesis? What needed to be done?


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Joined: Dec 20 2003
Posts: 105
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Hi, Dana

I can't say from personal experience, though I am intrigued as I intend to boot Linux on my dual 604e setup or possibly (once I actually do the mod) my quad 604e in my PowerTower Pro.

I could be wrong, but I thought that blackcube on the MLA runs Linux on an MP Genesis.



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