17" ADC CRT Studio Display hacked into a custom Linux based x86 AIO - via Engadget

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Nice hack

Frankly, looks like a good use for one of those boat anchors. Having seen a fair number of those, and the colored crt displays go out, I'm not terribly fond of them. While there are some who may argue that a mac mini really should have been used instead, it's still pretty darn cool. A fair amount of work to make use of a nice enclosure, so all I can say is nice hack.

I've been tempted to put pc internals into the gutted B&W G3 enclosure that I have laying around, but the big issue of not needing another computer has prevented me from doing so.


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that was very nice

and well executed, if I might say so myself. Woulda been funny if he found a thin CRT (as far as length from front to back) and put it in there, so you stiff had a CRT). I do think he did a good job of fixing up the power buttons for it. IIRC, those are motion sensors to detect that a finger has been placed over it, right? I wonder if he used the original Circuitry for that, or designed one himself.

Anyway, I saw a comment about someone saying he deserved a slap for putting that in a mac part, i think it was justly sacrificed. If it was living, i could see it being done (only a matter of time till they die) and at least he didn't put windows on it. Tongue
Anyways, that would be a nice hack for someone to do that on AF here and do it with a mac mini. That would be pretty cool. And when leapord comes out, someone will have to show case it in a config like that.


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