Powerbook G4 issues with powering on and showing video

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okay guys, i'm watching another laptop that ends in 3 hours.
the desc. is :

This unit powers on, but has NO Video.
The LCD Panel is in very good shape.
We could not test this unit because of the video problem.

The unit does not come with any manuals.

Only what is pictured is up for auction.

*There is NO power adapter with this laptop.

*There is NO Operating System on this unit, one will have to be purchased.

I have a retail CD of OSx 10.4 and i've had the same exact problem with an ibook and it has fixed it. the price the guy is selling it for is an amazing deal if what i'm planning to do works (boot from CD, reinstall the operating system. I also of course have a power adapter. What is your opinion ? worth the risk ?


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