programming a //c

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Just got a //c, external floppy drive, 12" Apple color
composite monitor and am ImageWriter II printer for
free on NYC craigslist. Love that list. The 'puter
came with a box of over 100 program floppies and
backups. The //c tutorial is a hoot. It also came with
a "Getting Down to BASIC" floppy. Does anyone here
program or have programmed the //c using BASIC and is
this tutorial all I'll need to learn BASIC for the

Any nudges, suggestions, hints or tips will be treated
like an expensive cat just in from the rain.



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RE: programming a //c

Have you thought about getting into ProDOS?
Pick up the Apple DOS Programmer's Manual and
the ProDOS Supplement Manual for the //e
series computers. This is all compatible with
a //c. Maybe pick up some ProDOS Software such
as AppleWorks, etc. It's a little easier to
work with, I think.


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If you are the same william from NYC, then welcome back! If you are not the same, then hello just the same...

If you need something for your //c, I have a spare one. I do not know if it works, but it may be good for parts if you need it.


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re: programming a //c

Hey, woogle,

I'll look through the software and see what's there. I have AppleWorks and I'll check it out. And I'll look into ProDos. Thanks for the info.