CPU compatibility Core Solo to Core 2 Duo

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I know there is a posting linked to Apple site last year showing a guy took a Core Solo Mini and upgraded it to a 2.16 Core Duo Mini. This is all fine and good, except, at the time, the 2.6 Core Duo cost almost as much as the Mini in the retail channels. Fast forward... Intel now have the Core 2 Duo. Does any body have any info whether you can pull the Core Solo and drop a Core 2 Duo in the first Intel Mini to make it work?

Thanks for any info.


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From what I have read ...

the Core Duo and Core 2 Duo are plug and play compatible. It's just a matter of yanking the old chip and popping the new one in. I recently read about someone doing this successfully with a Core Duo iMac.


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need little fingers...

well, for iantm, its just a matter of yanking and popping. For the rest of us... there's the step by step...

couple of guides:
Mac Mini Intel Core Duo Upgrade Guide

Apple Core Solo to Core Duo upgrade (in a thread)

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Keep in mind you need to use

Keep in mind you need to use 478 package CPUs, the kind they install in laptops. Desktop-class LGA775 Core 2's won't work.


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