FS> Alot of my mac and apple stuff.

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i have alot of stuff to sell and or trade. I can provide pictures if you ask. If you see something you like please make me an offer. Things i would like to find are apple lisa's or parts to fix mine. old apple II computers (II,II+). i will trade for these things or other, please email me and we can work something out.

First off is a original Macintosh with keyboard and number pad mouse and power cord. works great with my system disk.

I have two Macintosh 512k computers with keyboards one is missing one key. and mice. the floppy drives stick so i have an external one.

I have one mac plus with no keyboard but could include one of the ones from above if you are interested.

a mac classic that works fine with keyboard/mouse.

a beige g3 desktop works great only problem is the cd eject button wont work so i leave a disk in there so i can eject from the os. it has os 9.2 on it

A Performa tower 6400/180 with os 8 on it

A rare card for a apple II to keep time from mountain computer in the box with manual i didn't see the empty rom to attach to the mail board but it is only 2 wires you could use it anyway.

a micromodem II from hayes with all the parts in the box no manual

a color 350mhz g3 tower with 10.4 on it

i have a pile of apple printers 3 differnt kinds

i have 2 power pc 7200/120 computer withouht drives/ram/zip with floppy and cd drive.

various monitors and keyboards

i have a few others if you need something ill try and find it for you thank you.

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Re: FS> Alot of my mac and apple stuff.

Can you sell me anything

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Re: FS> Alot of my mac and apple stuff.



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