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So, thanks to you fellows advice, I have been able to replace my logic board in my g3 blueberry 350 slot loader. I put a new 500mhz board in and it went smoothly, I had to modify the heat shield at the back with tin snips so the VGA or whatever would stick through. works great.

Anyway, I also have an indigo g3 400mhz with fire-wire ports on the side. My blueberry does not have these firewire ports. So my question is: Is there a way to switch the fire wire ports between the two, or am I better off sticking the faster logic board in the imac with the firewire ports?

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erm, wazzatyousay?

You say you done plunkt der 500MHz MLB into das bluberry iMac. All 500MHz MLBs have FW ports. Therefore your bluberry now has FW ports. Unless I missed something.

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I guess youre right. That makes me feel retarded. My 500mhz DOES have firewire ports:therefore, ignore all of this.