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I have the installed the OSX on my computer and now I had to start a new user and password with all the old information i originally had on my computer ripped away. I cant find the Limewire, Flash, microsoft office, adobephoto shop or any of my other stuff. I was wondering if anyone know of a way i can restore the computer to a previous date so is that i can restore the information i had. I have a dell inspirion and i was able to restore to a previous date when i lost information once so I hope i can to the same with this Ibook. Please help me.

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If you cannot log into the or

If you cannot log into the original users account I don't think you can get to it easily. There may be a way through the console but I have no idea.

Hopefully you didn't pay extra money for those apps (except Limewire) on the computer when you bought it. If you do not have the original disks the apps have no value.

Apple does not have a rollback feature like Windoze because it really does not need it, unlike Windoze.



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If your reinstall involved fo

If your reinstall involved formatting the drive, then it's all gone. If you were just trying to get a new account on the machine, the OS X install disc has a function to reset a users password, but I think it's too late for that.

If the drive wasn't formatted, then the old apps should be in the Applications folder, accessible to all users.


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