132-column video card - Does one exist?

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Does a video card exist for the Apple ][+ that can display 132-column text?

If so, what brand/model?

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I know this isn't exactly what you are asking about, but here is a cheat...

Apple ][+ >> Apple Serial interface card >> Keyspan Serial to USB >> iBook USB >> Terminal application with a window sized to 132-column width

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Videx Ultra Term would. Actua

Videx Ultra Term would. Actually a 160 column text. But you might have to adjust the mono color monitor to get them all on the screen. When I had one I had to adjust the screen to get them all on there.

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160? Wowzers! :o

160? Wowzers! Shock

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A 160 would be a nice round d

A 160 would be a nice round doubling of an 80 column. It'd be interesting to know if it was a simple narrowing of the font or running a higher frequency.


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