Stripping & reconnecting a Powerbook G3 power cord - help

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I squashed the power cord in the DC section after the box leading up to my Powerbook G3 Pismo.

(plug in to wall)============(AC/DC box)-------x(break)x--------(Pismo Laptop)

I had to cut the cord and reconnect the wires. I notice there are two sheaths, one around what appears to be insulation, then one inside it. So i connected the one inside it, making sure it didn't touch any insulation wire.

My question is, is the insulation wire (possibly misnomer) actually supposed to carry a ground current or something? i.e. does it matter that now its not connected? I only connected the internal wire beneath the second sheath.

So far my pismo is not turning on, but it had been completely out of power. So i'm waiting to see what will happen. A voltmeter is giving me weird readings -- 12V or 40 something volts depending on where I touch the contacts. But i'm not sure about the voltmeter.

Hoping it will turn on again like magic later on.

Any help/advice appreciated

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Connect the outer Shielding,

Connect the outer Shielding, as this is the ground. everything should be fine as long as they didnt short out the PS when it was broken/cut.


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The cable is a coaxial-type cable. Both the solid wire in the core and the braided cable should be connected.
What I did when I repaired my cable was to solder the inside wire together, then cover it with shrinkwrap before connecting the outer braid. Then, tape up the whole section with electrical tape so that pulling on it won't loosen the soldering.

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Thanks guys, I did so, and

Thanks guys,

I did so, and it worked.. all except for the pulling part.

I got frustrated that it wouldn't go into the spool and pushed till the whole mess undid again. It works though, thanks for the help