Help! Need a Mac OS X solution for CFFA use

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O.k... I purchased Rich Dreher's CFFA1 & CFFA2 drive for use in my Apple computers. The problem is that I do not have a means to move software images to the CF Card on my Powerbook. Ciderpress is supossed to be the software to make this happen, but it is a Windows only application.

Is there ANY Mac OS X solutions for moving software from my Powerbook to the CFFA? I am posting this request on several sites but so far there hasn't been any response.

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Hi, Have the same card and

Have the same card and only use Mac also. I have not yet had time to try it out. Still using the Ramfast, HD, and a Zip carts to move info. I would try to formatt a partiton in HFS on the card in the IIgs. The Mac should be able to see it and use it. You should be able to move items from that partition to a Prodos one.

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